Members' Page

Rehearsals (with respect to Covid-19)

Rehearsals take place on alternate Sundays (due to Covid-19 restrictions) at Christ Church Didsbury. Dates for Autumn 2020 can be downloaded here.


Strict Covid-safe guidelines have been developed using relevant sections of governement guidelines, and advice from a range of professional music organisations, so that you can rehearse safely. These guidelines will be regualry reviewed as guidance from the government changes. All members of the choir will be asked to adhere to these guidelines and to sign to say they have read and understood our risk assessment policy. A summary of the latest Byrds Covid-safe rehearsal guidelines can be obtained by contacting our chairman, Rosemary.


There is an expectation that you will attend all rehearsals and that you will also work on the pieces in preparation for each rehearsal. 


If you can't attend a rehearsal you must let Rosemary, our chairman, know (contact details below). If you expect to miss several rehearsals then you should also speak to Keith.


Subs are payable at the beginning of the new year and for 2019/20 are £120. You can pay Peter, our treasurer using cash, cheque or bank transfer.



If you need to make contact with a member of the committee or the choir you can email us, or better still, use the Whatsapp group detailed below.


Social Media

We are trying to develop an active Social Media presence and have accounts on Twitter and Facebook


If you use these then please join us and share our publicity materials at every opportunity!


If you want to be a member of the choir Whatsapp group (which is a great way to get to know other choir members) then let Leslie have your mobile phone number.



Concerts tend to take place on Saturdays at Christ Church in Didsbury. We have an afternoon rehearsal then a couple of hours free before the concert. Just before the concert we gather in the church hall for a quick warm up and then walk to our places, in order, from the vestry.


Black concert folders are given out a week or two before the concert and should be carried onto the stage in your right hand with the William Byrd logo facing outwards. Folders and music is collected in at the end of the concert.


Concert dress for women comprises a long, black skirt (to the floor) and choir blouse. Blouses are provided on deposit and we can also provide information about purchasing black skirts.


Concert dress for men is black DJ, white shirt with buttoned down collar and Byrds bowtie which is currently £7.

AGMs and committee

We hold an AGM at the beginning of every year and all members are invited to attend and contribute. The minutes of our last meeting can be obtained from the Byrds secretary Alison Bates.

The committee meets every 3 months or so to: agree the rehearsal and concert diary; discuss the programme; identify sources of funding; and consider opportunities for social activities.


You can contact any of the members by e-mailing Rosemary using our functional email account


The committee members ( below) are  Chairman: Rosemary Thomason; Secretary: Alison Bates; Treasurer: Peter Aldred; Publicity officer: Elizabeth Wright; Digital Officer: Leslie Robinson; Librarian: Rob Kerr; Musical Director: Keith Orrell.

We are currently looking for a grants officer so please let Rosemary know if you can help.

This page is for the members of the choir. Whether you have just joined us or are a seasoned veteran, we hope you will find the information useful. If you have any ideas for additional information which could be included please let digital officer, Leslie Robinson, know (contact dtails below).